Good Morning everybody!

I just want to remind everybody who wants to take part on my snapshot contest starting at Saturday next week! There is still one week left to sent in funny pictures from your dogs! It do NOT have to be Whippets! Best wishes Sabine (mail et animagi-whippets point at)

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  1. gerlinde - 28.04.2006 at 20:59

    Abgegeben habe ich ja schon vor längerer Zeit :-), nun freue ich mich schon auf den neuen Contest … und bin natürlich schon superneugierig!
    lg Gerlinde

  2. Iris Jacobs - 29.04.2006 at 07:38

    Oh lord, what an international-breathed on blog!

    Sorry, I have only Whips and my oldieclan is because of the beautiful, 10°C warm, very friendly raining springweather absoluteley not amused about posing in the garden or walking near the Inn. And mum Leonie goes through her 2nd babytime with ruin all, what she is able to find – especially all My own!

    greetings from arctic outback
    Iris and the ratpack

  3. Running Suni - 05.05.2006 at 08:18

    hi, thank you for the comments on my page, your blog is very interesting, and the idea of a FUN photo contest is very nice…i’m content if you fit these picture into your snapshot.
    Best wishes

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