Puppy visit at Boxing Helena

momy and daughter (Fotos: Ellen Claesen)

Ellen schreibt:
Monday we went to Boxing Helena for a puppy visit. (Dobé’s father is owned by Boxing Helena)
They’ve got a new litter: the Foe litter.
Mom and dad are :
Multi Ch.Boxing Helena’s Yumanee x Boxing Helena’s Dark Empra.
The puppies are 1 week old now and ofcourse we were very excited to see the new and adorable puppies. They’re so beautiful and cute !

Ellen likes to share the pictures she has taken with us:

Mother Yumanee with her three beautiful pups

The only boy of the litter called Boxing Helena’s Friend o‘ Foe

Girl one called Boxing Helena’s Fear No Foe

Girl two called Boxing Helena’s Fi Fi Foe Fum

For more information and pictures visit Boxing Helena’s Whippets

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