Crufts 2006 in Birmingham (GB)

Bei der weltgrößten Hundeschau in Birmingham siegte die Hündin BLUESTREAK BUBBLY BLONDE im Besitz von Ms C & I Brown & Straughan. Bester Rüde wurde Ch. Fullerton Heavenly Mover im Besitz von Major R Bailey. Sieger der Jüngstenklasse wurde Scarletfair One Knight (Besitzer: Miss H & Mrs J Wayman). Es waren 207 Rüden und 209 Hündinnen am Start! Den Siegern gebührt also ein großes Lob und Gratullation an die stolzen Besitzer.
Weitere Ergebnisse können hier nachgelesen werden.

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  1. maia - 11.03.2006 at 20:16

    Well, the Best of Breed winner bitch is lovely, very nice figure and colour!!!

  2. Iris Jacobs - 12.03.2006 at 08:24

    Habt Ihr gesehen, wie das Pedigree des Rüden aussieht? Der ist so extrem eng auf Nevedith und Dutch Gold gezogen, daß er ausschließlich für Outcrosses verwendet werden dürfte!
    Die BOB – Hündin ist nett, aber auch nur mehr showy. Und beide sind nicht gerade klein. Sehr schade, daß England da kein Vorbild mehr ist.
    Naja, ich weiß nicht, wo die Whippets hingehen, aber mein Ideal ist nach wie vor der sportliche Hund.

  3. Monique - 13.03.2006 at 22:00

    Iris, I am afraid that you are looking at the wrong pedigree, because this link goes to Dream Mover instead of Heavenly mover. Dream Mover is Heavenly Mover’s father! If you take a look at the pedigree of the son, you will see that there is even more Dutch Gold in there, so I guess you will like it even less. I do not agree that this dogs only suits for outcross breeding, what theory is behind that thought? The main thing should not be how tight the line breeding is, or how quickly the line breeding is broken by outcross, but how healthy the individuals are, at least, that is what I think. I was wondering why you think this dog is big, I have seen him at Crufts and he was one of the smallest male whippets in the ring. The BOB bitch is not small, you are quite right, but she was really lovely, even better looking than in the picture in the link above (If you look at you will see pictures featering the bith and the dog together).

  4. Iris Jacobs - 15.03.2006 at 11:06

    Hi Monique,
    You can be sure, that I read the right Ped – Im not in this scene since yesterday. Dream Mover is the sire of Heavenly Mover so in the Ped of HM is more of Dutch Gold and Nutshell.
    I will not to discuss here about inbreeding in a moderate way, because I done it also.

    It is very humorous to say, he was the smallest of the big ones 😉 – although he is big, sorry.

    lovely greeeting also from my little (correct high) Whips Iris
    And, sorry, I’m a very, very conservative breeder of korrect-size Whippets – because the original FCI – standard dictates a certain limit – with a little + in measure. In (not only) my opinion the AK-standard has to be not interesting for us.

  5. helen wayman - 28.03.2006 at 18:51


    As handler of Ch Fullerton Heavenly Mover, i feel i must comment on the above comments about Hotspur.

    I must quote what Patsy Gilmour wrote about him, PERFECT SIZED DOG, when he won the CC under her.

    Surely a BIG dog would not have won 7 CC’s including CRUFTS under prolific breed specialists if he was BIG

    Helen Wayman

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