Padenghe 2011 – Rüden offene Klasse

Bemerkung : Nur die ersten 4 plazierten Rüden sind in der richtigen Reihenfolge angegeben!

John Galliano DSC09742
John Galliano DSC09611
1. Platz John Galliano


Sobresalto Samba Reign DSC09747
Sobresalto Samba Reign DSC09692
2. Platz Sobresalto Samba Reign

Yohji Yamamoto DSC09746
Yohji Yamamoto DSC09702
3. Platz Yohji Yamamoto

Hillsdown Ferdinand Sholto DSC09744
Hillsdown Ferdinand Sholto DSC09589
4. Platz Hillsdown Ferdinand Sholto

Champagne du Manoir de la Grenouillere DSC09569
Champagne du Manoir de la Grenouillere DSC09575
Champagne du Manoir de la Grenouillere DSC09548
Champagne du Manoir de la Grenouillere

Rivarco Tudor Oliver DSC09649
Rivarco Tudor Oliver DSC09650
Rivarco Tudor Oliver DSC09684
Rivarco Tudor Oliver DSC09662
Rivarco Tudor Oliver

Almaglo Nemo DSC09487
Almaglo Nemo DSC09495
Almaglo Nemo

Aurifer A Cappella DSC09510
Aurifer A Cappella DSC09517
Aurifer A Cappella

Avalon’s Power of Love DSC09540
Avalon’s Power of Love

C. Llewain Fly Till Dawn DSC09547
C. Llewain Fly Till Dawn DSC09556
C. Llewain Fly Till Dawn

Kenzo al Calamidoro DSC09632
Kenzo al Calamidoro

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  1. Arnaldo - 02.05.2011 at 14:01

    Hallo Sabine,
    we didn’t had the time to say ciao at Padenghe … both very busy like always.
    Just one point on the open male, I checked on the papers to be sure …
    1 Jhon Galliano
    2 Sobresalto Samba Reign
    3 Yohji Yamamoto
    4 Hillsdown Ferdinand Sholto
    I hope to see some nice shots of K’estè and Funny Face … and thanks for the nice reportage you always do in our clubshow
    thanks and see you soon

  2. Sabine (Animagi) - 02.05.2011 at 14:07

    Hi Arnaldo,

    thank you for correcting me! Sorry for this mistake I have corrected it!

    We hopefully will have more time next year ????

  3. Arnaldo - 02.05.2011 at 15:13

    Thanks to update …
    can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures …
    I hope to see you in some shows before October in Padenghe … I suppose you came for the Euro Sighthound

  4. Sandrina - 02.05.2011 at 17:08

    Irgendwer da draußen ärgert sich gerade, dass er seinen Hund John Galliano getauft hat, mehehe.

  5. Sandrina - 02.05.2011 at 17:09

    PS: Übrigens hammergeile Farbe, die von Champagne du Manoir de la Grenouillere.

  6. peterpaul - 02.05.2011 at 19:53

    Sehr schöne Hunde!

  7. Vicki Thompson - 02.05.2011 at 22:04

    Dear Mrs Brenner,

    Thank you very much for taking such nice photos of my boys (Charlie aka Champagne du Manoir de la Grenouillère and Momo aka Amore Mio) I would appreciate if you could let me know your conditions to be able to use them on my web site and on facebook if possible.
    Best regards
    Vicki Thompson

  8. pamela - 02.05.2011 at 22:09

    Thanks Sabine for your beautiful report.This year I don’t see you…:-(((…
    Very good job!!!

  9. Lucio - 04.05.2011 at 17:32

    Thank you very much Sabine for your great work !
    Your pictures are always very professional.
    Hugs from Italy !

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