James in the ring

Woodbrook’s Ask Me How I Feel (Ch. Fanfares Special Export x Ch. Sobers Florianne)
(photo: Julie Poole)?

James was 2nd in 12-18 months class at the 2009 national USA ! Judge: Mr. Magnus Hagstedt, Signum Whippets, Sweden.

Bred by Woodbrooks

Owners: Tony Groenendijk & Charlotte G Lee

Presented by Tad Brooks

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  1. maia - 25.04.2009 at 13:58

    James is a stunner..and he looks even more better in the reality than on pics! We really love him!

  2. Tony & Arie - 26.04.2009 at 00:33

    Thanks Maia for you kind words… Can’t wait to start showing him here in europe.!!

  3. Bianca - 26.04.2009 at 14:23

    He really is a wonderful boy! When will James come back to Europe?

  4. Tony & Arie - 26.04.2009 at 16:15

    Hi Bianca,

    James needs only a few more points to finish.. After the busy national weekend James is having no shows for some time but hope to have him back end of mai!!!! I can’t wait!!! 🙂

  5. Bianca - 26.04.2009 at 19:18

    Hi, that´s wonderful for you only one month left! I`ll keep my fingers crossed for James last points.

  6. Tony & Arie - 26.04.2009 at 23:42

    Thank you Bianca thats so nice from you!!!!

  7. Lucio - 27.04.2009 at 13:33

    Great James ! He is really a great dog ! Lot of compliments and good luck to the next shows.
    Ciao !

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