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  1. maia - 29.09.2008 at 18:26

    I personally find that article very interesting.
    Size gives us a permanent „hot topic“; there are some who are size fanatics and some who are absolutely not interested in how big their dogs are.
    I think I am somewhere in the middle.
    I have some rather high american dogs here, but my goal in breeding is a permanent convergation to the european standard size…none the less I know that the standard size is not a holy scripture.
    We have to avoid the traps of the overregularization: this is a living breed, Whippets are living animals and we just mustn’t throw away good dogs because of „oversize“.
    The UK as the origin country has the same interpretation, but everyone would like to stay close to the written size limits (this is why big dogs are winning there(IMO sometimes political) and after it they are selled away because of their size, as we could read in that article).

    Size is just one of the many important points in the breed standard, and oversize is not a serious fault and of course not a disqualificationing fault (if size was SOOO important, standard writers put an emphasis on it and expressed how big fault oversise was, but there is nothing like this in the written standard), but correct size is as important as other points: gait, lines, head, ears, neck, tail, etc.
    IMO it means that if we theoratically had 2 excellent whippets in the ring, with the same qualities, but one of them was standard sized and the other was bigger, the standard sized HAD to win the competition.
    And it means nothing more.
    I personally find it a very bad way when size becomes the one and only attitude in the ring to judge. In this case we had only size and nothing else in a VERY short time period.
    So I do belive we have to near to this problem very sensitive and intelligent, and try to find the best way between being size fanatics or size ignorants; somewhere in the middle. 😀

  2. heidi - 29.09.2008 at 23:40

    THANK YOU MAJA!! :-)lg Heidi

  3. Sabine - 30.09.2008 at 08:54

    Liebe Maia,

    du triffst den Nagel auf den Kopf und danke für die tolle Zusammenfassung über Mariannes Text und die Darstellung deiner Meinung zu diesem Thema.


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